CREW- The FS4T Film Club

Starts Feb 2020

After seeing several hundred students take our courses we've identified a real need for young filmmakers to have support from a community of like minded friends. FS4T "CREW" is a film club that meets online once a week in an online video conference. We will be hosting interviews with film pros along with tech reviews and tutorials. Plus students have the opportunity to get feedback on projects they are working on. CREW is just $20 per month which includes a t-shirt and online profile. Come join the club!



It's so much fun, you’re going to come out knowing a ton of new stuff and you’re going to come out looking at movies and filmmaking way differently..



I don't want to be a filmmaker per se…. but I learned so much about camera angles, sound, lighting and it opened my mind to so many amazing movies that I would of never watched.



I have learned so much about how movies are made and how much they do affect our culture.



Before Film School 4 Teens I didn't  think I could  be a filmmaker.  This has not only made me WANT to do it more but think that I really CAN!