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4 Cabin Fever Films for FREE

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

As a special gift to you we are giving FREE access to FOUR of our past films. These films were created in partnership with a local private school so the entire cast is high school students. All of them are original creations, written and directed by FS4T instructor Damon Evans.

The Rise and Fall of Death Chicken is a comedy that is told in a mockumentary style. It's a story about 3 high school girls trying to start a death metal band. Based on actual events.

Wreckage is a post apocalyptic mind bender that deals with very serious subject. Watch it below and be prepared to do some deep thinking!

The Big Score is a musical comedy that highlights the beauty of generosity.

The Substitute is a psychological thriller about 22 students trapped in the wild.

Want to learn how to make films like these? I've packaged it all up in my simple course "Intro to Filmmaking." Click HERE to sign up today!

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