A quick Q and A about our newest course, Acting 4 the Screen.

Elise: What do you teach in acting for the screen?

Damon: Well, most people have done some kind of acting whether onstage or just family skits, but acting for the screen is a very specialized skill where you take those same types of things that you do on stage only you hone it in for a screen performance. And if you've ever seen what you would think of as bad acting, probably it was just stage acting on screen because it doesn't work quite as well. So there are many skills and steps that we can teach to take any performer and get them dialed in to be very effective on screen. That's what we teach.

Elise: So a lot of people don’t know that there's a difference between stage and screen acting. They just know one or the other.

Damon: Yeah, they would assume that that acting is acting is acting. But no, it's not true.

Elise: Can you tell us who should take this?

Damon: Yes. Well, you know, we are Film School 4 Teens, so we've honed it into be very teen appropriate. I just had some students watching it today and they were laughing their way through it, which was very encouraging to me because I kind of think of our courses as info-tainment.

Elise: Yeah. Those kids loved it. They were having a blast.

Damon: And so, yes it’s targeted at teens, especially performers but also directors. If you don't want to be an actor, but you want to be a director, it's very helpful to be an actor's director, meaning you know how to build up someone’s performance.

Elise: I've been telling some parents that if your child doesn't want to be an actor, but they want to know how to direct their friends who are in their little shorts or their films. Then this is a great class because they can learn to direct.

Damon: But in addition to teens, everything I teach would be totally useful for any graduate, any college student, adult or senior citizen. I wouldn't change a thing if I were making this film school for adults.

Elise: So Damon, how much time is required for this? This is an important question. Parents are asking this, how much time is this going to take my child?

Damon: The video content that you watch is somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. Then we give assignments that could take you anywhere from a half an hour to an hour per week. So really it's just a couple hours a week,

Elise: But they can work even more if they want like on their monologue or try some other things that you've given them and, and go and do it.

Damon: It's also self paced so that you can work through 12 sections in 12 weeks. Or you could do it in a weekend. If you wanted to make it a weekend intensive.

Elise: Yes, or you could do it over the summer. This is a great summer class. So the next question is, do they need any special equipment?

Damon: You need a way to record yourself on video. And of course, everybody has several ways to do that with phones. So a smartphone is perfectly fine, or any kind of GoPro or camera you have at the house. So you need some way to record yourself to show your teacher or your parent, or just watch it yourself and sort of grade yourself and see your own progress.

Elise: And maybe send it to us when you're done, at the end of course.

Damon: Yes, we’d love you to send us your final showcase monologue.

Elise: And one last question, how much does it cost and how long does it last?

Damon: Well, ordinarily it's $150 course, but right now we have a prelaunch special happening. It will be $95 for a limited time. And you get 12 months to finish the course.

Elise: Which is more than enough time. And you're going to love it so much that you're just going to blaze through.

Damon: I'm sure that some people will.

Elise: Well, thank you so much for telling us all this information about acting for the screen. So if you have any other questions, call or text us at 623-221-0913.

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