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And the winner for BEST PICTURE is....

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

In our Intro to Filmmaking course, students must complete a film using a script we provide. We change the script each year and select our favorite from among the submissions.

This last spring we were using a script called "The Shopping List" which required students to film inside a grocery store.

Corona/Covid made that very difficult for many students and so we took that script down and replaced it with a story that can be filmed with the current limitations.

So without further delay, we are thrilled to name Jayden J as the winner of BEST PICTURE for his film "The Shopping List". See his film below.

In this film, Jayden demonstrates a strong grasp of visual storytelling and includes many personal touches that weren't included in the script. We are selecting Jayden's film as the winner because of his solid fundamentals (lighting, sound and camera work) but even more so for his bold choices as a director to bring the story to life.

Congratulations Jayden!

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