Film School 4 QUARAN-TEENS

You've got the time. We have the class.

As a service to the community, we are offering our courses for HALF PRICE  to students who have been affected by the Corona virus. 

Our courses are entirely video based and self paced, so you can start ANYTIME and work as fast or slow as you choose. 

Plus we will send you a physical workbook at NO EXTRA COST!

Use the links below  to enroll in our courses at this special limited time price. Or to learn more from a curriculum specialist, fill out the form to the right.

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Click the link above to get our Intro to Filmmaking course for $150 (Regularly $300) for a limited time!

Click the link above to get our YouTube 4 Teens course for $100 (Regularly $200) for a limited time!

72 Hour Film Challenge



It's so much fun, you’re going to come out knowing a ton of new stuff and you’re going to come out looking at movies and filmmaking way differently..



I don't want to be a filmmaker per se…. but I learned so much about camera angles, sound, lighting and it opened my mind to so many amazing movies that I would of never watched.



I have learned so much about how movies are made and how much they do affect our culture.



Before Film School 4 Teens I didn't  think I could  be a filmmaker.  This has not only made me WANT to do it more but think that I really CAN!



Film School 4 Teens is sponsoring a 72 Hour Film Challenge for families/kids/friends!


The cost is just $20 per family. Register at the link below.

How it works: On Sunday night (March 22) at 6pm we will announce 3 requirements for the films: a prop, a character and a line of dialogue. YOUR FAMILY now has 72 hours to make a film using these items. Post your video online and submit it to us by midnight on Wednesday, March 25th. 

We will award CASH PRIZES to the top films and post the winners on our website.

This will be an UNFORGETTABLE experience for you and your family. AND you'll have the film to remember it by! 

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