Intro to Filmmaking

• Online Film Course for Middle School and High School
• Eligible for High School Elective Credit
   Intro to Filmmaking  equals 1 year            elective credit (120 hours)
• Perfect for Individuals or Groups
• No Special Equipment Needed
• Complete with companion workbook
   and answer guide
• 1 year course, 1-3 hours per week.
   Work at your own pace
• Make a short film and receive professional feedback​​

Intro to Filmmaking

Course can be completed in 1 semester or 1 year. (Or however long you like!)

Filmmaking Topics We Cover
Films We Study
Fun Film Facts We Learn

How Films Get Started

Visual Storytelling

Top Ten Camera Angles

Generating Great Movie Ideas

3 Act Structure in Movies

Making Good Movie Characters

How to Get Good Lighting

How to Get Good Sound

Camera Options

Pre-Producing a Movie

Filming Basics: Coverage


Music and Sound Effects


Color Correction

Color Grading

Exporting a Movie

Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Wizard of Oz

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


October Sky

Life of Pi

The Princess Bride

Searching for Bobby Fischer

The Outsiders

Les Miserables

The Pursuit of Happyness


The Count of Monte Cristo


War Games

The Help

The Blind Side

The Invention of Film

From Black and White to Color

Film as War Propaganda

Universe Building

Orson Welles

Evolution of Animation

Alfred Hitchcock

The Golden Age of Hollywood

From Silent Films to Talkies

Stunts in Films

Film Noir

Attack of the Monster Movies

How 3D Movies Work

Blockbusters and Tentpoles

B Movies and Indie Flicks

What is an "Auteur"

D.W. Griffith

Watch the video for a step by step guide on how to sign up for this course.



It's so much fun, you’re going to come out knowing a ton of new stuff and you’re going to come out looking at movies and filmmaking way differently..



I don't want to be a filmmaker per se…. but I learned so much about camera angles, sound, lighting and it opened my mind to so many amazing movies that I would of never watched.



I have learned so much about how movies are made and how much they do affect our culture.



Before Film School 4 Teens I didn't  think I could  be a filmmaker.  This has not only made me WANT to do it more but think that I really CAN!

To create this course, I wanted to simulate a classroom environment where students could discuss their ideas and create synergy. I turned to a home school theater group we've worked with for years  to find a group of  amazing bright and talented youth to be the first to go through our program. They had such a fun time together and you will too as you laugh and learn along with us.



Damon has so much experience and he's able to take that experience and pour it into us and help us to understand in a way that allowed us to grow.



It's not just about making films,  but it's also about analyzing films... Not just how the films were made but the stories and how they have impacted the world.



Damon is so experienced, he's very good at helping beginner students become more confident... You learn so much without feeling like you're doing work!



This course has started me on my way to becoming so much more familiar with technology.  I thought it was the coolest homework I ever got to do!