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We have an incredible team of professionals to guide your students!

Elise Evans


Elise is a former educator, with years of experience teaching in the public, private, and homeschool worlds. While homeschooling her own children for 8 years, she enjoyed finding new and creative ways to educate her kids. Now the director of the family business, she is the one you'll get on the phone when you call, because she is passionate about putting her experience and resources to use to be a support to families braving the world of education!

Damon Evans

Lead Instructor

Damon is our lead instructor for Intro to Filmmaking, YouTube, Photography, and Acting courses. As an independent filmmaker, Damon’s work has taken him around the globe. After studying film and broadcasting in college, Damon started his career working for large organizations as a video producer.  Seeing the need for media courses in the homeschool realm, Damon and his family created Film School 4 Teens to guide young artists in their journey to find the intersection of art and education.

Sam Hord

Lead Instructor

Sam is our lead instructor for our Graphic Design 101 course. She went to Grand Canyon University and studied Graphic Design with Advertising. She graduated in 3 years and is now working in the marketing world as a graphic designer. With years of experience, she specializes in delivering eye-catching logos, sleek branding materials, and engaging graphics. Sam also loves to explore the outdoors, hike, and draw inspiration for her art while being in nature.

Cheyanne Glazier

Lead Instructor

Cheyanne is our lead instructor for Video Editing 101 course! As a 3-time Emmy-nominated video editor, Cheyanne has carved a remarkable niche in the world of visual storytelling. Beyond the accolades, Cheyanne remains deeply committed to the art form, continuously honing her skills and pushing creative boundaries. Now, she co-owns a video production company and adores helping others get started on their creative journeys!

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Chloe Cosette


Video Editing 101

Chris Zimmerman


YouTube 4 Teens

Hannie Lynch


Photography 4 Teens

Becky Joe Harris


Acting 4 the Screen

FS4T is where learning meets creativity.
When we learn skills like film, photography, video editing, graphic design, and YouTube development, we are tapping into creativity and curiosity that exists within each of us. At Film School 4 Teens we encourage innate creativity because it leads to innovative thinkers, problem solvers, and critical thinkers. Our team is dedicated to helping middle and high school students use media and art to support and reflect their values rather than undermining them, all while having fun and getting creative!

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