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All the courses are explained in the videos below. See which one is right for you! If you have questions, CONTACT US!
We have courses that teach film, photography, YouTube channel development and acting to middle and high school students.

FS4T Intro to Filmmaking Explained
FS4T Course: YouTube 4 Teens Explained
NEW COURSE! Photography 4 Teens!
Acting 4 the Screen Promo
Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? See if the answer is below. If not, please CONTACT US!

Are the FS4T courses worth a high school credit?

Yes, they are! We have four semester-long courses and one year-long course. Our semester courses are equivalent to 60 hours of course work, and the year-long course is 120 hours. The credit you receive takes into account the course video content, instruction time, and the time the student spends completing assignments and final projects. According to the state you live in, you can determine what your credit value will be.

Does the course come with a workbook?

Yes, it does come with one free workbook per course ordered. If you would like to order an extra workbook for a sibling, you can find extra workbooks on our shop page.

Can this course be done as a co-op?

Absolutely! Working with your friends can be the best way to do our courses. Co-ops and classrooms are having a blast doing these courses together. Split up what is done individually and what is done together to your liking. Each participating family must purchase their course and login. The course purchased will come with one workbook, and each family can order as many additional workbooks as needed.

What is the difference between the Charter and Classic version?

"Intro to Filmmaking" and "Youtube 4 Teens CLASSIC" are our two courses with a version that has a small faith element. The other three courses do not. Students and instructors in the "Intro to Filmmaking" and "Youtube CLASSIC" courses are free to talk about their own personal faith as it comes up.

What editing system should I use?

We do not teach a specific editing system in the "Intro to Filmmaking" course. We do, however, expose the students to a variety of different editing systems that they can choose from and learn on YouTube on their own time. Launching last spring and covering all things EDITING is "Video Editing 101." We have partnered with C and C productions to bring a class that covers just video editing. See the link here:

How long does the course login last? Can a student get an extension if needed?

The courses vary in length from 12-18 lessons. Students will receive 18 months to complete a course. If they have not completed their course, they are welcome to ask for an extension of 18 more problem.

When a family buys a course, can the siblings all use one course login?

Yes! We like to say our courses are "family-style." Families can absolutely do these courses together, and you will only need to purchase (or print out) a second workbook for each additional child. Each student needs a copy of the workbook to fill in the blanks as they watch the video lessons and complete their assignments. When students have completed the course, they will have a beautiful portfolio in their workbook.

When do I get my login information and workboook after I purchase the course?

Students will receive their course login the same day as the order is placed.  The workbook is mailed out the next day and will arrive within 3-4 days.

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