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Hear from our students!

Elizabeth -

Photography 4 Teens

"This was a great course for new photographers I had so much fun learning great new skills and I will never go back to how I took photos before! I learned that I love portraits!! They're so beautiful and fun and can't wait to use these skills on friends and family!!"

Lukas -

Intro to Filmmaking

"I have been loving this course. I've always loved movies but FS4T has been teaching me to appreciate and fully grasp a film, and also how to make one. They go through the details of crafting a story and applying your vision through a camera lens. The recorded discussions really help as I can agree with or learn from other students. This has made my semester very enjoyable and interesting." 

Heather -

YouTube 4 Teens

"I already have a channel and know some of the basics, but watching and learning from other people and learning about the ups and downs of YouTube has helped me to understand even more! Thank you for a wonderful course!"
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