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About This Course:

-  Learn Premiere Pro or iMovie!

-  Video lessons, assignments and well paced weekly action steps

-  Learn and watch demonstrations from professional creators

-  Taught by 3x Emmy-nominated editor

-  Perfect your editing skills

-  Work at your own pace

-  Color workbook included

-  Great for ages 12 and up  (family friendly)

-  16 part course, 1-semester credit (60 Hours)

Course Syllabus

Video Editing 101 Explained

Read our most recent review!

Cheyanne and Chloe create a friendly atmosphere that is both relaxed and engaging, while still teaching the topics at hand very well. I love the personal touches incorporated throughout the course, such as adding bloopers and getting real-life kids to record folly sound effects! It adds authenticity and makes you feel like you’re right there with them.


The way the course touches on lots of different kinds of editing is another highlight. Not only do you get to edit a short scene for your final project, but you also get to edit a promo commercial for “Video Editing 101,” a movie trailer, and even a short action scene. Before each project, Cheyanne provides a breakdown of a similar professional video. This is really helpful so we know what to do and aren’t lost in the process!


“Video Editing 101” also goes beyond just teaching technical skills. It offers insights into the editing industry, working with other creators, handling criticism, and much more. I feel like most courses don’t do this, just teaching you the stuff, but not actually telling you how it is in the real world. With its wide range of editing techniques and hands-on projects, “Video Editing 101” is an excellent starting point for beginners and a whole lot of fun too!


I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to learn video editing. Five stars!

- Olivia

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