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Updated: Oct 6, 2023

This past week we held our first FS4T photography contest and we were blown away by the entries!! Not only did we receive a large number of photos from you all, but the quality was unbelievable! Thank you to all of the students and former students that entered. We were incredibly impressed with your work and creativity.

And here are the winners….

THIRDS PLACE - $25.00 prize - LIESE SCHAPPACHER - “Apple”

We truly enjoyed your intentionality, story telling, and maximizing the potential of what you have! Your choice of color grading in this photo was well applied with the context of the subject. Bringing warm notes of fall and a looming tale to be spoken. The sharp reflection contrasted with a blurred backdrop, really draws you into another reality within the shot. Your choice of the 'worms-eye-view' perspective, truly brought your photo to life! It begs the question, "Is there something magical... or eerie about this honeycrisp?"

A cinematic experience!

SECOND PLACE - $50.00 prize - TOWNSEND MOLTHAN - “Thompson’s Mills”

You were the only photographer that chose the bold choice to shoot in black & white! The eye it takes, to place together the shot and composition, is difficult when shooting a wide shot. Great work! Your choice of perspectives of this building is one of the best to display. The vintage essence, bordered with the perfect balance of what the landscape offers; the water, wooded backdrop, cloud ornamented sky's, and a pathway to a place frozen in time was fantastic.

Well done!

FIRST PLACE - $100.00 prize - IVY BREWER - “Butterfly”

We are so excited to congratulate you on achieving first place in FS4T's contest for best center frame shot! Your photo successfully captures the quintessence of what it means to view the world as a photographer. The contrast between the natural and urban elements are beautifully displayed, while still blending a uniform burgundy palette; urban brick visited by an almost uncanny meeting of the wild. We were intrigued by the journey; where you must have been, what you noticed, how many shots you may have taken before and after, or was it just the 'perfect shot'?

These are the stories that make your shooting style the way it has been, is now, and will be. Never stop pursuing the perfect shot!


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