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And the Winner Is... Drumroll 🎉🎬

Hey movie buffs and fellow film fanatics, we've got some exciting news to share with you all!

After weeks of anticipation, the moment we've been waiting for is here. Our mini contest of films submitted for our course INTRO TO FILMMAKING has come to a close. We're thrilled to announce the one who took home the crown - the one and only

EVIN LUCAS with his rendition of Five Second Rule!

This film was on a whole other level of AWESOME! We were blown away by the creative

angle choices, the wonderful acting, the skilled camera work, varied editing, and the application of everything they had learned in Intro to Filmmaking.

This team really pulled off a tight shoot, with beautiful visuals on top of efficient storytelling, and met all of the goals of the course perfectly!

Although all of our students blow us away, Evin and his crew showed everything they've learned in a tangible way. The film hit every beat and captured the humor and banter the script was going for.

But there were just too many amazing versions, that we had to also select a runner-up to highlight. The other filmmaker we want to honor is...

Preah Montero!

Preah's film was so creative and had it's very own flare, for this we want to award an

honorable mention for the most original film! We laughed and had fun seeing all the things that team added.

To each of these filmmakers, we say, CONGRATS on this epic win! You've blown us away with your talent, and we can't wait to see what other cinematic gems you'll bless us with in the future.

And to everyone who participated by sending in your films this semester for Intro to Filmmaking. Your passion for filmmaking is contagious, and we've been blown away by the creativity and originality each of you brought to the table. Keep those cameras rolling and those stories flowing!

We hope this course has sparked a fire in all of you to keep chasing your dreams, to push the boundaries, and to make your mark on the world through the magic of film.

We’re excited to announce we will be doing a 48 HOUR FILM CHALLENGE in mid

September! The challenge will require you to include a PROP, a CHARACTER, and a LINE OF DIALOGUE in a short film you create in just two days! The films will be reviewed and judged by a panel of Film pros from Huntington University and prizes will be awarded! Be on the lookout for details about that as we approach this new fall semester.

So, until the next course you take or movie you submit, keep sharing your love for movies and storytelling with the world. Remember, life is one big cinematic adventure, and we're all in the director's chair, so never stop using your imaginations in your learning!

Film School 4 Teens

Where Learning Meets Imagination

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Hey, your video turned out really cool! If it's not a secret, tell us how you installed it? Did you use any special effects, etc.?
By the way, I also want to post a similar video, will these converters help me work with video? I've heard about several of them, but never used them myself. I hope you can help me.
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