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Introducing the New Course on the Block: FS4T Graphic Design 101

Updated: Feb 26

This past summer, Phoenix residents sweltered under weeks of blazing 115 degree skies. Meanwhile, the Film School for Teens Team was hunkered down at air-conditioned coffee shops dreaming, creating and writing the next fabulous FS4T course: Graphic Design 101. Just a few short weeks ago, the Team spent a weekend filming this fun and fast paced video course. Let’s just say, a lot of coffee was consumed by all! As you read this, the videos are being edited, the workbook is being completed, and all the bells and whistles are coming on board. Are you drooling yet? You only have to wait until January 10, 2024 to experience this new course for yourself.

With a young, experienced professional Graphic Designer on board from the beginning, this course is going to bring the foundational concepts and cutting-edge ideas to the “classroom” of your choice. Yours!

Not an artist, you say? Not planning on going into a graphic design career, you say? Check out the syllabus content below. Graphic Design 101 teaches anyone fundamental concepts for creating visually compelling design. These skills will build a level of style and professionalism into your communication no matter what your field of study or employment. Or, you can just take the course for the sheer fun of it. Or the love of learning. Whichever comes first.

Graphic Design 101

Introduction to Design - What is Graphic Design?

Setting up Your Space - Staying Organized / File Management

How to Use Common Applications - Digital Tools

Elements of Design - Seven Types of Elements to Use

Principals of Design - Five Types of Principles to Use

Color Theory - Why is Color so Important?

The Design Process - Step by Step of Creating a Design

Learning the Grid - Following Design Guidelines Using the Grid

Typography - Why are Fonts and Typefaces Important?

Branding - What Makes up a Brand

Creating a Campaign - Build and Design Your own Company Campaign

Table Talk - Discussion with Graphic Designers / People in the Industry

Interested? You know you will receive a high quality, interactive learning experience. We at the FS4T Team can’t wait to introduce you to Graphic Design 101. Reserve your place now!


This Brand-New Course (and ALL FS4T courses) will be 30% off during our Four Day Black Friday Event, November 22 - November 26. Click here now to order on our website with Code = BLACKFRIDAY

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