Meet Featured Filmmaker Jayden!

Jayden J is an inspiring young student of Film School 4 Teens who is the creator of 42 Hour Film Challenge finalist "Quaran-sync". Haylie and I got the chance to call him and talk about his filmmaking journey, all the best movies, and his latest releases (Heres a hint: Mickey Mouse but Horror!) Watch the video of this Interview HERE!


Hi Jayden! Welcome. We're so glad to be talking with you today! So we're just going to ask you some questions to learn a little bit about you. And then feel free to you know, if you have anything to add on to the questions, like they don't have to be super lengthy or they can be super heart felt, however you want to do this. It's just going to be relaxed, you know, low stress! But anyway, so we're just gonna go back and forth asking some questions. Do you want to start us off?


Well, first of all, before we start, do you want to like tell us a little bit about yourself? Like how you first got interested in filmmaking? Like kind of like a little self bio?


Yeah. So I first became interested in filmmaking when I was about seven or eight. We were visiting friends in Colorado and we watched Hugo with them. And they talked a lot about filmmaking in that movie. And so it just got me really interested. So when we came home, my brother and I teamed up with a friend of ours and we just started making short films and trailers on the trailer templates on iMovie.


Oh yeah! That's so cool. And then I guess, since you said Hugo, the next question is like, which role in film crew is your favorite and which are you best at? Did like any part of the making of Hugo interests you to get into filmmaking or do you just like all aspects of how it was made?