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SUMMER is here!

Hello FS4T families and happy, happy summer time! Whether you're starting your summers off with a break from school, or your the family that blazes through the summer heat inside getting school done, we hope you're having fun!!

As we at Film School look forward to some of the busiest months of the year for us (and I'm sure for you) of curriculum gathering, planning for next year, and trying to get things in order, we know things can be stressful. So we want to try and give you some quick updates about the FS4T multi-verse (as you could call it), and let you know that summer doesn't have to mean no more learning!

If you or your student loved our classic Intro to Filmmaking course, then this summer could be a great time to try another one of our shorter courses. Set up just the same as Intro with interactive videos, fun instructors, kids just like you, and fun workbooks, our shorter courses like Photography, Youtube, and Acting offer so much. Whether that means something fun to do over the next couple months or saving it for the fall, these courses are worth a high

school elective credit and move your child towards their goals! Plus, taking photography as a family can't hurt when those family photo shoots come around-- imagine how much you'll save on a DIY christmas card!!

With this school year wrapping up, don't forget the deadlines for any current students. The end of the year contest for Intro to Filmmaking 2022-2023 ends June 30th, so if you haven't

already, make sure to turn in your film by then. You will receive personalized feedback and grading on it from our interns at FS4T and be entered to compete against all the other students who created a film off the same script, so get working!

In other fun FS4T news, if you live in Arizona or are anywhere near the valley and love film, our very own employee Chloe Evans and business partner Cheyenne Glazier are hosting a summer film camp! Hosted and sponsored by Huntington University AZ, these two incredible cinematographers will be directing, teaching, and leading you through what it takes to be a filmmaker. For more information or to sign up, head to this link!

As we look ahead to what is happening this year for FS4T, we are excited to announce a

NEW COURSE!! In Spring 2024, we will be launching...


This exciting course is created by our graphic design specialist Samantha Hord, who graduated from GCU with a degree in graphic design and now works as a designer at a large Phoenix company. It will teach your child all they need to know about digital art and design in a fun, self-paced, and online format just like all our other courses! We can't wait for you to see more about this course as we continue production for it. Follow along on our Instagram @filmschool4teens for behind the scenes of the making of a course!

As we close, we want to say thank you again for all your love and support as another school year has come and gone, we are blown away with how we have grown. Thank you families for choosing to encourage creativity in your children and allowing their learning to feed their imagination! We hope your summer is amazing and hopefully we will meet you face to face, we'll be at the Phoenix Homeschool Convention so stop by and say hello!

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