YouTube 4 Teens

Everyone wants to be a YouTuber these days. But what does it really take? Can you really make a living on YouTube? Is this a safe place for students to be posting and/or browsing? Get all the answers in our new course "YouTube 4 Teens" where we teach practical steps for starting and growing a YouTube Channel with a special emphasis on safety and giving good value. See how other individuals and families have developed successful YouTube channels in this 12 week interactive course.  Youtube 4 Teens equals 1 semester elective credit.(60 hours)



It's so much fun, you’re going to come out knowing a ton of new stuff and you’re going to come out looking at movies and filmmaking way differently..



I don't want to be a filmmaker per se…. but I learned so much about camera angles, sound, lighting and it opened my mind to so many amazing movies that I would of never watched.



I have learned so much about how movies are made and how much they do affect our culture.



Before Film School 4 Teens I didn't  think I could  be a filmmaker.  This has not only made me WANT to do it more but think that I really CAN!