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About This Course:

- Learn filmmaking start to finish, film history and film analysis.

- No special equipment required

- Online and self paced course

- Master leadership skills by directing your own film

- Weekly video lessons, workshops, assignments

- Interactive, FUN and inspirational

- Earn 1 elective credit toward graduation (120 hours)

Course Syllabus

Intro to Filmmaking Explained

Film School 4 Teens Intro to Filmmaking course teaches an in-depth look into filmmaking, start to finish in 18 two-week sections (36 weeks). Students learn the art of filmmaking as well as create their own short film for a final project. Along with filmmaking, students also learn film history and film analysis. Every other week students develop critical thinking skills while watching a specific film and writing a film report.  Intro to filmmaking also includes a short film history video each week. Along with weekly lessons, the students will have assignments, demonstrations, workshops and quizes.  Intro to Film is a year long and worth 1 high school elective credit. (120 hours)  Upon completion of the INTRO to FILMMAKING course, we invite students to turn in their final film project for a review, feedback and a grade from a film instructor/coach. 

Give it a try...we know your student will LOVE it!

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