A great idea for families on MLK Day

My friend Jeremy and I were discussing the movie Selma recently. Following that conversation he composed this article and was gracious enough to allow us to post it as a recommendation for families on Martin Luther King Day. We love the way movies can give our kids a perspective they can't get from history books and the movie Selma is a great perspective into the life of Dr. King.

By guest blogger, Jeremy Landes:

Most of us grew up after 1968 - when Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life was taken by an assassin. On MLK Day, the media will often summarize King's legacy by replaying the"I Have a Dream" speech or recalling his leadership in the Montgomery bus boycott. Four years ago, Selma was released in theaters, telling the story of a 57-mile march King helped organize to help African-Americans being denied the right to vote in Alabama.

If you watch (or re-watch) Selma, which we encourage teens to do alongside their parents, look for some of the choices director Ava DuVernay and producer Oprah Winfrey made in telling this story. For example: