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And The Golden Pineapple Goes To....

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Every year at Film School 4 Teens we receive films from our students based on a screenplay that is included in the Intro to Filmmaking course. This year the film was "The Cheezer" about a super villain who can turn anything into cheese. We received MANY great submissions and here we'd like to share our TOP 5 selections and award our top prize, the Golden Pineapple, to the best picture. Read below to see all the selections and what we liked in particular about each one. BEST PICTURE WINNER AT THE END OF THE POST!

Congrats to Abby Cole for being a finalist for her film A Cheesy Situation. We loved this film for it's fundamentals but especially for the effort put into the props and visual effects. Abby shows what is possible with just a little extra effort.

Congrats to Judah Bortolamedi for his film The Cheezer. This film is very well made and what was especially cool was seeing all the family members who worked on it with him! We love seeing our courses bringing families together to create. The acting was very strong and the camera work was impressive.

Nathan Archer's version of The Cheezer is hilarious and he and his brother create a very fun, funny dynamic with committed performances. We loved the visual effects and the costuming.

The Harris Family went above and beyond with their version of The Cheezer. All along I felt like they were making interesting choices that weren’t specified in the script. To me, that is the most important job of a director: to take an idea, own it and bring your original style and vision to it. Congrats Harris family!


And finally, the WINNER of our 2020/2021 film festival.. the Golden Pineapple goes to... Leah McCarthy for The Counseling Session! This film is loosely based on The Cheezer but Leah made the film completely her own. That is a director's job. So congratulations Leah! Thank you for your courage to tell your own original story within the framework of someone else's. Not only that but she did such a masterful job with it. And now... The Counseling Session.

If you want to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking and be inspired to tell your original stories through this unparalleled art form, please consider enrolling in our Intro to Filmmaking course by clicking the SHOP tab on this page!

Congrats to all!

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