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Best of "The Unboxing" FS4T Film Festival

We are proud to announce that Joshua Harrington is the WINNER of our first annual FS4T Film Festival with his version of "The Unboxing" film. You can see all the finalists below.

As part of our Intro to Filmmaking course, students are asked to produce and direct a short film using a script we provide. This year, that script was called "The Unboxing" which pokes fun at the familiar struggle of trying to open plastic packages. We are so proud of all our young filmmakers and we hope these examples will inspire you in your creations!

BEST PICTURE: Joshua Harrington

I was literally blown away by this short. Joshua put so much time, energy and care into his stop motion film. I'm excited to see what Joshua will do in the future!



Abigail Joy

This short by Abigail Joy showed great mastery of "continuity editing". Her scenes feel seamless as she cuts between various shots. Her attention to detail was impressive and she really got the jokes to land. Great job Abigail!

Peter and Anne Young

This version features some clever additions to the original script. I loved this because that is what directing is about: bringing a screenplay to life. The director needs to have a very specific vision and sometimes that means adding new elements. Great job Peter and Anne!

Tyler Call

This one is adorable. The credits are full of members of the "Call" family and it makes me happy that everyone participated. The "on screen" Calls are quite young and so it gives the film a different feel of sweetness and innocence. The technical execution here was really solid and showed a strong mastery of the principles we teach in our course. Excellent work Tyler and family!

Levi Jones, Caleb Dunlap, Sam Brazel, Aaron Rapp

Filmmaking is a collaborative experience and it takes a team of people who are committed to a singular vision. One of the best developments with our curriculum is seeing so many co-ops popping up around the country of students who do the course together and then work on a common project to bring it to life. This one is a very solid creation with different people handling the different jobs. I really appreciate the addition of some special effects in this film.

Rachel and Katie Hooley

These sisters did a beautiful job with their film. The music and performances all have a very exaggerated, silly tone and it works well for this script. I love emotional levels created by the score.

Congratulations to all our students who completed the course and created your own film. Stay tuned for information coming soon about our "Advanced Filmmaking" course which will be the perfect next step in your development as a filmmaker.

I'm so proud of you all!


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