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Instructor Spotlight: Classmates to Colleagues

This week we are back highlighting some of our dynamic instructors here at Film School 4 Teens! We find it important to share our instructors’ stories because these are the stories that go on to inspire you and other future designers, photographers, filmmakers, writers, and creators!


Introducing Cheyanne Glazier and Chloe Cosette! As experienced filmmakers, best friends, and business partners, Cheyanne and Chloe have taken on many exciting projects and business ventures together from Emmy-nominated short films to promotional videos for the corporate world. But it is OUR pleasure to claim Cheyanne and Chloe as our very own exemplary instructors for Video Editing 101!


How The Duo Came to Be. Having first met at Huntington University AZ the two became close when they shared many classes. It was noticeable to them how well they worked together in the classroom as well as on a relational level. They started teaming up on countless assignments and projects, all the while building a deeper friendship and relying on each other’s individual strengths to execute assignments.

Individual Paths to Filmmaking. Despite their shared interest and aptitude for filmmaking, Cheyanne and Chloe both entered the filmmaking world via differing paths and have independently grown in their own separate skills, which comes as an advantage to them as they build their business and delegate creative tasks between them.

For Chloe, filmmaking and storytelling has been close to her heart for as long as she can remember. As a kid, she spent most of her time on imaginative projects, making movies with her siblings or writing scripts in her room. Later, as a film production student at Huntington University (HUAZ), she delved even deeper into various aspects of the craft, finding that she was drawn to screenwriting and cinematography especially. With each project her passion grew. Her goal is to evoke emotion and provoke thought with every frame, because she believes that the most powerful stories are conveyed through what is shown and not spoken.

Conversely, Cheyanne got into filmmaking somewhat later in life when she, too, studied film production at HUAZ. Cheyanne had known she wanted to be a video editor but had no filmmaking experience. As a film student, Cheyanne managed to dive in headfirst learning all different skills and roles that are essential to the filmmaking process, growing rapidly in her skills. According to her, this was something that changed the course of her whole life.

The Huntington Experience. Both Cheyanne and Chloe found that their experience studying at HUAZ was key to their development as creators.  Huntington was the place where they honed prior skills and discovered exciting new ones! Through the years they were offered opportunities to try out many different roles on film sets, from director of photography to producer to gaffer etc. Gradually, they identified which ones they were more suited for. Because of this, they finished school and entered their careers feeling confident in their strengths with the ability to play to them.

Best Friends to Business Partners. Cheyanne and Chloe’s professional partnership began somewhat on a whim. After seeing success in so many of their collaborations in the past, they took a leap of faith to create C&C Productions. C&C Productions, a swiftly growing LLC, is dedicated to using art and video to tell stories, showcase company brands, promote family businesses and large corporations alike, and more. Past projects include music videos, promotional shorts for law firms, Car dealership commercials, and “About us” small business segments.

Continually Growing. For Cheyanne and Chloe, the goal is to be ever evolving and growing in their artistic work!


“As artists, we are constantly changing and growing. The same can be said for life in general. We will never know everything there is to know, and we will never hit a "peak" where we no longer have new things to learn or try. That's the fun part, but it is also the scariest part. Leaping into the unknown as an artist is both fun and scary, and you never know where it will lead you until you try.”

So, take a page out of Cheyanne and Chloe’s book, or should I say “script” (wink wink), look the unknown in the eyes, and dare to try something new. Or pick something that you are already inclined to and give it your all! Dive in headfirst and never lose the passion to learn, to grow, and to challenge your own creativity. Because who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone awesome, become an unstoppable duo, and create a killer business together. You never know until you try ;)


  • Visit to learn more about Cheyanne and Chloe, their newest videography ventures, or past passion projects.

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Thank you for tuning in to Film School 4 Teens, where education meets creativity! See you again soon!

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