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Meet our newest course instructor!

Meet Sam Hord, a passionate graphic design professional who embarked on her creative journey at Grand Canyon University (GCU). Today, she is making waves as a graphic designer in the professional world. But that’s not all. Sam has now branched into the world of education as a lead instructor for our newest course Graphic Design 101. In this blog post we will dive into Sam’s inspiring journey from GCU student to graphic design expert.

  1. Passion Ignited: Sam’s passion for art was first found at a very young age. Her artistic journey began with drawing anything she saw around her, from movie characters to family members. She honed her skills first through sketching and then grew to find that painting was her favorite. These interests played a pivotal role in shaping Sam's artistic identity.

  2. The GCU Experience: Sam's graphic design journey began at Grand Canyon University where she grasped the basics, such as the elements and principles of design and typography. This provided her with a solid foundation to develop her skills even more. But Sam found that learning the reasons behind the choices for a design was the most important aspect of her education. To Sam, it was fascinating to study why and how small details like color can grab someone’s attention in different ways.

  3. Transition to the Professional World: Armed with a degree in graphic design, Sam seamlessly transitioned into the professional world. Her portfolio, enriched by projects and experiences gained at GCU caught the eyes of employers.

  4. Balancing Creativity and Feedback: One of Sam's strengths lies in her ability to think outside the box and get creative with her designs. One challenge that Sam faces is finding ways to discover new designs and ideas while also being ready to work with feedback from others. Sam says that in the design world, your designs can be subjective, so it is important to learn from the feedback you receive and be open to other perspectives.

Sam's passion and dedication is an inspiration to each of our Graphic Design 101 students, who are no doubt aspiring designers of their own.

If you are not enrolled in Graphic Design 101 and would like more information, check us out at or give us a call at (623)-221-0913. We would love to chat!

Graphic Design 101 Video Lessons

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