Meet filmmaker Abbey Brubaker!

We sat down with Abbey Brubaker to talk about her influences and goals as a filmmaker as well as her experience taking our courses. Read the transcript of the conversation below or watch the video here: Haylie: So how did you first become interested in filmmaking?

Abbey: Probably. Yeah, my aunt lived in Florida and she would come down a lot and like hang out with her family. And she would always tell me about how she used to do light box animation, before they had computer animation. And so she would show me how he would, you know, move it ever so slightly every frame and it would make a picture and move. And so that was really cool to like my seven year old mind haha, and that's pretty much how I kinda got started.

Haylie: And which role in a film crew, if you were to assemble a crew, which would be your favorite? Writing, producing, directing...

Abbey: Umm.. I think, I think I enjoy directing the most. I really like seeing it all come together. Especially like being given the freedom to kind of change things as they go a little bit like, Oh, that doesn't look right. I kinda want to change that a little bit. Or, I really like getting the opinion from the cast and crew too. Cause it takes a big weight off my shoulders.

Sophie: What do you find most challenging about being a filmmaker? And what part do you think is like the most rewarding?

Abbey: Um, I would say, say I find it really challenging to kind of like hone in on what exactly I want to do because I do watch so many movies and because I am a little bit obsessed with it haha, I constantly have all these ideas rolling in my head. I have a hard time like picking one and finishing one before I move on to the next. But I think it's really rewarding when, people will come up to me afterwards and say like, Oh, you know, that really made me like happy or I could relate to this in some way, or it made me sad even. When I watched films, a big part of why I like it is because I can always relate to it in some way and kind of draw an emotion out of it. And I think that's part of the reason I do it so much.

Sophie: I know that me and my dad especially, we always talk about how we get so emotional and movies can make or break us! Haha, like I can draw so much emotion and like feel something from movies, and so I totally understand what you mean.

Haylie: And that's probably the best inspiration is just like watching other movies.