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Wait, you're the movie people... why Life Skills?!

If you are a long time student, you might be shocked to hear that Film School 4 Teens: is in the creating stages of our newest course Life Skills 101!!

You might be thinking to yourself, "Life Skills? Wait a minute isn't Film School 4 Teens about media arts electives? Trust us, we understand the confusion. We have talked to countless families about why we're called "Film School 4 Teens" if we offer so much more.

The story is that FS4T began as merely a side project, and was intended to be just the one Intro to Filmmaking class. As our students took the course, however, they began asking for more and pushing FS4T to grow. Because of the excitement of our students, what started as a small course has grown into an incredible company and marketplace for online electives. Our "film school" houses six online high school accredited courses in all types of media arts. We now create electives that feature industry pros who teach on several topics like Youtube, Acting, Graphic Design, etc. As you can see, we're already so much more than a Film School, so why stop there?!

As we planned what the next step was for FS4T, we had to first look at the needs of students. The overwhelming response at conferences and the buzz online was that students need skills for life. Photography and film are fun, youtube and acting are cool, but what about when my oil change light comes on in my car? Or mom goes out of town and I have to cook dinner? Or I have a big interview, or need to learn how to budget? This was the big neon sign blinking in our face that it's time to explore the world outside media electives, and time to teach more!

Because of this, we began work on a new course that will feature twelve different Life Skills taught by twelve different professionals from each field. From cooking to emotional intelligence, to auto mechanics, to housekeeping - we know mom's everywhere are getting excited about the homework on that lesson. ;) We will be filming early summer 2024 and launch by mid fall, so keep your eyes peeled for pre-ordering deals and behind the scenes action on our instagram!

If you're still skeptical and want to know why in the world you would sign up your kid for a life skills class, let us give you our pitch! Life skills are exactly what they sound like, skills formed through experiencing life that help you to take on challenges, not only to survive, but to succeed. But what if you didn't have to learn on the go?

Instead of just picking up information from walking through life, students in this course will be challenged to intentionally practice them and create habits that are crucial for success. They will be taught by pros in the lessons, given interactive and motivating assignments, and watch workshops with students just like them, practicing and perfecting the very same skills they've been challenged with! We promise your student will walk away feeling more empowered, more capable, and one step closer to a successful life.

Now we hope it's a no-brainer for you and you're awaiting this launch as much as we are, but in the meantime, FS4T currently sells 6 other amazing electives that are designed to mold well-rounded, independent, hard-working, and creative students! So, if you haven't yet, try a course! Or do a second one, or a third, or a fourth! Until then, we hope to see you in our next course Life Skills 101, by (our not-so-film-school) Film School 4 Teens.

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