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What our STUDENTS are saying:

"This is my favorite course!" - Jacob, Cincinnati, OH

"My kids are loving the class. Thank you for creating it." Sarah, Jacksonville, FL

"Our whole family is enjoying the course. Excellent work!" - Tiffany, Ontario, CA

"I really love this class. It's so interesting and I look forward to doing it." - Katie, Phoenix, AZ

"My son is loving your course. He's always telling me about the things he's learning. THANK YOU!" - Janet, Ontario, Canada

"This is the best class my kiddos have ever participated in! Can't recommend this course enough." - Julia, Indiana


We make courses for middle and high school students to learn about filmmaking and how to be an influencer through digital media and content creation.

Debbie Main

Homeschool Mom

The Film School for Teens class ignited my son's passion for film. It built a great foundation as he continues to pursue a career in filmmaking.  The knowledge he took away from this class is invaluable!

Geoff Brown

Private School Superintendant

The impact of this program on our students has been immeasurable over the last three years.  Specifically, Damon’s ability to recognize and draw out the artistic talents of our students has inspired and energized an entire community of young film-makers on our campus.

Brooke Zimmermann

Homeschool Mom

This was a class my son actually looked forward to doing, which helped me! Your student will definitely want to do Film School for Teens, whether they want to be a filmmaker or not, there's so many positive things they can get out of this class.

Jerry Abbitt

Private School Dad

Our son John was blessed to have a great teacher/mentor in Damon to help draw out his natural God-given talents and inspire him to pursue excellence in the Art of Film Production.


Damon Evans has been a filmmaker for over 25 years creating documentaries, TV commercials and narrative films. His work has taken him to over 40 countries promoting third world development. As a father of four, he began creating short films as a way to entertain his kids which led to the creation of Cabin Fever Films, a production company specializing in family friendly films aimed at high school students. After years teaching filmmaking to youth he was compelled to create "Film School for Teens" in order to expose young people to the art of filmmaking and enable them to use the technology they already have to inspire, entertain and share their own viewpoint with the world.

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